Leadership: What Office Space can Teach us about Leadership.

Yeah…..I’m going to have to ask you to go ahead and do that…… Many of us remember the classic Office Space, and many of us remember the horrendous work environment that drove Peter out of his job.  Bill Lumbergh is that boss that most would dread.  He’s sarcastic, dry, devoid of personality, and doesn’t much careContinue reading “Leadership: What Office Space can Teach us about Leadership.”

A Little Less Conversation; A little More Action Please

It’s the hook on my favorite Elvis song.  I remember first hearing it watching a Nike soccer commercial and playing it over and over and over again.  The video was great but it was this catchy one line that I always remembered, and would eventually fit so nicely as the title of this blog post.Continue reading “A Little Less Conversation; A little More Action Please”

Creativity: The Currency of 21st Century

I finally been able to carve out some time and space to catch up on some professional reading in the past couple of weeks.  I’ve picked up many articles, white papers, reports, and a book that came recommend from several sources via twitter called “The Originals.”  This post is just a quick reflection of someContinue reading “Creativity: The Currency of 21st Century”

Technology Leaders: Modern Day Farmers

Growing up in the suburbs there was a distinct feeling that spring brought every year.  As a student it was exciting because the end of school was approaching and that meant summer was near.  In my backyard however, spring told a different story, one about hard work, diligent care and maintenance, and then life.  It’sContinue reading “Technology Leaders: Modern Day Farmers”

Preparing the Classroom for Blended Learning

Blended learning holds much promise for the future of teaching and learning.  As we begin to approach critical mass in terms of the convergence of technology and education, it is crucial that we view the “classroom” with a new lens as the tools now at are disposal have changed the rules of engagement.  In thisContinue reading “Preparing the Classroom for Blended Learning”

Honey vs. Vinegar: Technology Leadership

Nervous, excited, anxious.  Butterflies.  Playing sports all my life, it was a very familiar feeling, but this time, it wasn’t on any court or any field.  It is 6:53 in the morning and I am walking into my first day of school not as a teacher but as an administrator in the technology department.  It wasContinue reading “Honey vs. Vinegar: Technology Leadership”